Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall and Camping

The weather has been perfect. After a sweltering summer, the cooler weather has been truly a blessing! So off we go camping. Let me clarify, that neither of us have really been camping. Slowly, but surely we are getting the hang of it.

And there is nothing better than a steak over an open fire and a great bottle or maybe two of wine.
Another thing that we really enjoy is taking nice green peppers that have a little bit of kick, and grilling them as well(that is what the picture is). After almost burning the outside, let the peppers sit in a plastic bag or covered bowl to sweat. The outside of the pepper will easily come off and you can then slice them up with a little olive oil, garlic, maybe some chili pepper flakes, then serve over your steak! Delicious!

What are your great camping stories?


  1. Camping with gourmet food and some good wine is the only way to do it. I'll rough any outdoor condition as long as I get a belly full of yummy goodness.

  2. I'd like to revise my previous comment and say that I won't rough any outdoor condition--after a recent camping trip with gail force winds and freezing cold temps, I'll now just opt for a good gourmet cookout before hitting my hotel.